Recently, a potential client reached out in distress. Just before Christmas, he lost his job and lucrative income, and wanted to know if he should immediately file for bankruptcy protection. It is not uncommon for a person, who has suffered a major financial setback, to look at bankruptcy as a solution. However, while you may feel it is […]

A Springfield, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Protect Your Credit   For decades, bankruptcy has been available to consumers seeking debt-relief and the fresh start it represents. There have been significant changes, most recently The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, but bankruptcy is still the best option for many consumers seeking […]

In Ohio and throughout the country, bankruptcy is identified by its chapters, most commonly Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 for consumers, and Chapter 11 for businesses. In fact, the chapters of bankruptcy have become ingrained in our culture, with people saying a struggling business may need to “file Chapter 11”. If you are struggling to […]

Chapter 13 Many financial hardships manifest themselves in neglected bills, including income taxes, child support, monthly mortgage payments, among others. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy establishes payment plans so individuals from all walks of life retain financial control. In summary, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy halts foreclosures, delays repossession of one’s home, and keeps the IRS from making contact regarding unpaid […]

If you have been arrested for an OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated), you might not feel like you need a lawyer. After all, many people drink and drive and get away with it. However, you really need to consult a lawyer to help you win your case so that you can have the best […]

In addition to Chapter 13, Chris Wesner’s law practice addresses Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. While Chapter 13 receives recognition as a process of reorganization, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy differs in that it is a process of liquidation. Chapter 7 is USUALLY the preferred chapter of bankruptcy when someone wants to completely eliminate all of their debts.  Repayment […]