December 2017

Settle Debt and Regain Financial Freedom with an Attorney Facing debt head on with no concrete plan to pay it back is stressful and discouraging for most individuals. Unfortunately, many people have been in this position longer than necessary because they attempted to deal with their creditors on their own. However, hiring an attorney is […]

Government-backed student loan debt almost always survives a bankruptcy discharge.  Unless you are severely, permanently disabled and unable to work, your loans will likely still be there long after the court grants your discharge.  So, is there any benefit to filing for bankruptcy if your school loans are overwhelming?  A Chapter 13 Plan Dayton, Ohio […]

Our Troy, Ohio bankruptcy attorney, with offices in Troy, Springfield, Xenia, Piqua, and Beaver Creek, helps clients who are in default on their student loans. We will try to help you find an affordable positive solution to all your financial problems. The United States Department of Education (DOE) offers four income-based repayment plans for resolution of student […]

“Bankruptcy”. Bankruptcy is not a word that inspires confidence, hope, or assurance. Unfortunately it has become somewhat of a dirty word in our culture and society. Terms like “morally bankrupt” are tossed around as pejoratives, implying that anything involving bankruptcy demonstrates a personal failing. Nothing could be further from the truth. As experienced bankruptcy lawyers serving […]

OVI on Private Property Recently, we received a very interesting question about DUI/OVI in Ohio. The person has a very large piece of land and was inquiring whether or not they can receive a drunk driving charge if they were on private property. You may think this is a weird question, but there are many […]

Five Potential Defenses Against Foreclosure in Ohio As a homeowner, it is important to understand exactly what you’re facing if your bank is threatening to take back your come. While it’s not uncommon to feel helpless in the face of an impending lawsuit, what many homeowners don’t realize is that there are some ways to […]

Foreclosure after home Purchase After the home-buying process, there can be unforeseeable circumstances which force a new homeowner to miss mortgage payments and fall behind. In the state of Ohio, after two or more missed mortgage payments, the foreclosure process will begin. To prevent losing your home, bankruptcy may be an option. While bankruptcy is […]

Bankruptcy is NOT the End of the World! Filing for bankruptcy is absolutely not the end of the world. Financial upset does not mean you are a bad person or an outlaw. In most cases, bankruptcy is the beginning of a better life for you and your family.  Seeing bankruptcy as an opportunity instead of a last resort is […]