Ohio foreclosure law requires a mortgage lender to file a civil complaint to foreclosure a mortgage. In other words, a mortgage lender cannot simply “seize” the property without going through the court system. In some states, a lender can obtain title to the property through a nonjudicial foreclosure such as a sheriff’s sale. A Foreclosure […]

An important piece of legislation that most average consumers seem woefully under-informed about is the FCRA, or Fair Credit Reporting Act. We believe it is important that all Ohio residents have at least a working understanding of this law. Without such an understanding, they are at risk for being taken advantage of by debt collectors. […]

According to data reported by the AARP, over the past couple of decades, bankruptcy filings among senior citizens have increased significantly, particularly for individuals between the ages of 75-84. Huge medical expenses and financial miscalculations jeopardise the security that seniors hope to experience in their golden years. If you’re in such a situation, bankruptcy may […]

In 2012, more than 70,000 foreclosures were filed in Ohio, only slightly lower than the previous year. Despite measures to stem the rate of foreclosures, figures are still twice as high as they have been in the 10 years before the housing market started to crash in 2007. If you are one among those who […]

Beginning March 27 of this year, the Ohio homestead exemption was given a huge increase. The state legislature approved increasing the exemption from $21,625 to $132,900. This increase is significant to homeowners filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and should result in more people being able to keep their homes. How Homestead Exemption Works Homestead exemption refers […]

If you currently live in Ohio you understand the current foreclosure situation. Because of a lackluster economy, rising prices, and poor job market, it has been difficult for homeowners to meet their mortgage payments. The following data explains both the foreclosure situation in Ohio and how it relates to the rest of the country. Increase […]