Fight Student Debt Scholarship

Ohio students have certainly not been immune to the student debt epidemic that is hurting graduates’ wallet, and futures, across the country. According to, about 65% of Ohio students had to borrow money to go to college. The average amount of debt an Ohio student leaves college with is $29,391. In fact, Ohio ranks 16th in the nation for the amount of debt a student graduates with.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Chris Wesner Law Office understand how important higher education is in order to pursue a career they truly love and enjoy. But they also understand how debt can cripple a person’s future and cause financial hardship in the future. Chris Wesner Law Office has seen how student debt, and the struggle to pay back student loan debt, can lead to defaulting on loans, or even bankruptcy.

In an effort to help students avoid the devastating effects student debt can have on their financial future, Chris Wesner Law Office is proud to offer the Fight Student Debt Scholarship as a part of our Fight Student Debt campaign.

The Fight Student Debt Scholarship will receive one check for $1,000 made payable to the recipient’s Ohio university of choice. The scholarship is designed to be used exclusively to help cover the cost of tuition. Please note that the recipient will be expected to formally submit all receipts and other documents in accordance with current or future Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations.

The Scholarship Application Requirements

The recipient of the Fight Student Debt Scholarship must be either a United States citizen or otherwise authorized to work in the country. They must have recently been accepted and will be attending an accredited Ohio university for the fall 2017 semester and they must have an undergraduate cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0.

Applicants must complete all of the following requirements:

  • One (1) completed Scholarship Application form.
  • A one to three (1-3) page TYPED essay answering the question, ““What’s one reason why you want to get through school debt free?”
  • Applicants must provide an official and COMPLETE copy of their high school transcripts.
  • Applicant must be able to prove that they have legal residency in the United States, either via a birth certificate, a passport, a permanent resident card or similar type of document.

All applications for the scholarship must be completed by no later than August 1, 2017. All application materials must be submitted to the Chris Wesner Law Office via email in the PDF file format. The Fight Student Debt Scholarship award recipient will be notified on or around August 15, 2017.

Please review the scholarship eligibility requirements.

All applications for the scholarship must be completed by no later than August 1, 2017. Return completed application and requisite materials in PDF format by August 1, 2017, to [email protected].

Please do not contact the firm with questions regarding the scholarship. All questions should be submitted to [email protected].