January 2018

If you have been arrested for an OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated), you might not feel like you need a lawyer. After all, many people drink and drive and get away with it. However, you really need to consult a lawyer to help you win your case so that you can have the best […]

In addition to Chapter 13, Chris Wesner’s law practice addresses Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. While Chapter 13 receives recognition as a process of reorganization, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy differs in that it is a process of liquidation. Chapter 7 is USUALLY the preferred chapter of bankruptcy when someone wants to completely eliminate all of their debts.  Repayment […]

There are many ways to defend a client against OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated). In other states, this is simply known as DUI. When we look at a case, there are ways to argue that the law enforcement agency’s representatives did not follow the proper procedures before arresting you for OVI. Some possibilities are […]