August 8, 2016

In 2012, more than 70,000 foreclosures were filed in Ohio, only slightly lower than the previous year. Despite measures to stem the rate of foreclosures, figures are still twice as high as they have been in the 10 years before the housing market started to crash in 2007. If you are one among those who […]

Beginning March 27 of this year, the Ohio homestead exemption was given a huge increase. The state legislature approved increasing the exemption from $21,625 to $132,900. This increase is significant to homeowners filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and should result in more people being able to keep their homes. How Homestead Exemption Works Homestead exemption refers […]

Known as the ‘debt adjuster’s plan’ or ‘wage earners plan.’ chapter 13 bankruptcy is a popular bankruptcy choice for individuals. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has two sets of benefits. One is the advantages of filing bankruptcy; the other is the bonuses of filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Advantages of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy Wipe unsecured […]

Dayton is home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, a sprawling installation that has more than 27,000 military and civilian workers. Many of these workers are required to maintain a security clearance in order to retain their jobs. With budget cuts looming, many Wright Patterson employees who are already struggling could be faced with an excruciating […]