An Ohio Bankrutpcy Attorney Could Help You Keep Your Military Security Clearance

Dayton is home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, a sprawling installation that has more than 27,000 military and civilian workers. Many of these workers are required to maintain a security clearance in order to retain their jobs. With budget cuts looming, many Wright Patterson employees who are already struggling could be faced with an excruciating dilemma: file bankruptcy and risk being unable to hold a security clearance or continue to struggle with over-burdensome debt. These individuals could be surprised to find the answer may be much simpler than they think.

It’s a misnomer that bankruptcy will automatically disqualify one for a security clearance. What it does is raise a red flag to investigators that an individual is potentially unstable. In turn, the circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy will be looked at to determine whether it was due to careless spending habits or circumstances beyond that individual’s control.

Some of the things that will be considered when deciding if bankruptcy should affect a security clearance are the amount of debt, extenuating circumstances such as medical disabilities, and the age of the debtor at the time of filing. If a consumer visited an Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney for relief some time ago and has made timely payments to creditors since then, this will be taken into consideration as well.

For those who currently hold a security clearance, it could be a good idea to contact their unit’s security manager before filing a petition. When the Chain of Command is aware of a pending bankruptcy, it generally works out better for the service member or contractor. That’s because trying to hide a bankruptcy filing could make it appear as though employees are trying to cover up something. Many commanders will advocate for their subordinates to help them maintain their security clearance or to locate assistance with counseling or debt management.

Chris Wesner Law Office Can Help

If you’re a Department of Defense worker who is struggling with massive debt, you should know that bankruptcy does not have to spell disaster. After speaking with your Chain of Command, contact us for an analysis of your situation. We’ll review your circumstances to see if debt relief is possible without jeopardizing the security clearance you rely on to provide you with your livelihood.

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