Chrysler Group And Santander To Form Chrysler Financial

Here in Ohio the Automobile industry is very important to our economy. That is even truer in the areas in which I serve bankruptcy clients throughout the Miami valley. Our Clients in Dayton, Troy, Springfield, Piqua, and Xenia have all been effected by the recent bailouts, and closings of the Delphi Plants. Now there is news that Jeep, a subsidiary of The Chrysler Group, LLC, has plans to produce Jeeps in China. Chrysler may not be moving existing production to China (yet), but it likely means that there will not be any new Plants in Toledo or Ohio in general.

Two Companies Coming Together

Now comes news that Chrysler will be striking a deal with Banco Santander to provide credit to potential Chrysler customers with an in house financing arm to be called Chrysler Capital. It is expected that the deal could be finalized in the next few weeks as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Here in our Dayton and Springfield Offices we see many loans extended to our bankruptcy clients through Santander Consumer USA, which Reuters reports will be involved in any agreements between Banco Santander and Chrysler.

So while some of these mega corporation deals may not immediately effect a person or their family directly, the ripple effect of these deals trickle down to all of us, especially those needing to perform reaffirmation agreements in the context of filing a bankruptcy petition. Here at Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC, we are always available to answer any questions you may have with regard to bankruptcy, foreclosure, garnishments, lawsuits, and even estate planning.

How Chris Wesner Law Office Can Help

If you or your family needs to get out from a mountain of debt or protect you and your family’s future, you need to speak with an experienced, empathetic, and knowledgeable attorney like the ones at Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC. Give us a call to set up an in person or telephone conference for FREE. That’s right, FREE. Our initial consultation is 100% FREE, with NO STRINGS attached. There is NO FEE if you decide that bankruptcy is not for you. In fact, we OFTEN encourage our clients NOT to file bankruptcy. There is NO FEE for any service whatsoever if you do not file.

Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC has offices throughout the Miami Valley including: Dayton, Xenia, Springfield, Troy, and Piqua with other offices expected to be coming soon like Sidney and Hamilton.

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