The Automatic Stay

Simply by filing a bankruptcy petition, a debtor brings to his or her aid an instrument of awesome breadth and power – the bankruptcy code’s automatic stay. Few other legal steps that may be taken on behalf of a consumer can bring about relief so simply, so effectively, and so dramatically. The stay provisions of the code, along with the other related provisions, take affect the instant the case is filed, from that moment on placing the debtor and the debtor’s property under the protections of the bankruptcy court.

The power of these provisions extends to many sorts of actions which may be taken against consumers, including some that at first glance do not appear to be debt related. These actions are stopped, totally and immediately, by the filing of a three-page bankruptcy petition. Indeed the certainty of obtaining such relief is often a prime factor in the decision to file a case. In some situations, there may be no other remedy as effective, and usually none as simple. For clients who have come to an attorney’s office at the last possible minute before some serious adverse action, the automatic stay may provide the only practical solution. And for other clients, for whom all other legal steps have been failed, it may provide one last way to at least postpone a crisis while the debtor seeks relief in the bankruptcy court.

How Chris Wesner Can Help

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