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Get the Home you want by rebuilding your credit

Overwhelming debt is frightening. Talking to an experienced, empathetic, and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney should NOT be. One question I am frequently asked is how does one build credit after bankruptcy. In most cases, the people who come into my office have already had their credit scores damaged to a major extent. People often have late and missed payments, and multiple delinquent accounts. Bankruptcy provides a “fresh start” to people who utilize the protections it grants, and one’s credit score is also given this same opportunity.


How to restore your financial future Quick Tips:

  • Have a Plan – determine just EXACTLY you are planning to rebuild your credit. Write it down. Follow your plan. Calculate a reasonable budget and stick to it, all the time, every time. Shop for a low interest, low limit line of credit and carry a small manageable balance.
  • Put required payments such as gas and electric onto the line of credit but only carry a small manageable balance.
  • Keep track of your Credit – make sure to contact the credit reporting bureaus to remove inaccurate information. Contact creditors to have them update your information ASAP.
  • Be virtuous – Patience is a virtue, so use it. Do not get overly eager to see your scores skyrocket in a short amount of time. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED to speak with a bankruptcy attorney. Here at Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC we are easy to speak with, one on one. We treat everyone with respect and are truly interested to solve your financial problems. Often we counsel our clients NOT to file bankruptcy because we have come up with a viable alternative.

The Chris Wesner Law Firm Can Help

If you or your family needs to get out from a mountain of debt or protect you and your family’s future, you need to speak with an experienced, empathetic, and knowledgeable attorney like the ones at Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC. Give us a call to set up an in person or telephone conference for FREE. That’s right, FREE. Our initial consultation is 100% FREE, with NO STRINGS attached. There is NO FEE if you decide that bankruptcy is not for you. In fact, we OFTEN encourage our clients NOT to file bankruptcy. There is NO FEE for any service whatsoever if you do not file.

Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC has offices throughout the Miami Valley including: Dayton, Xenia, Springfield, Troy, and Piqua with other offices expected to be coming soon like Sidney and Hamilton.

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