Bankruptcy: Not The End Of The World

Bankruptcy is NOT the End of the World!

Filing for bankruptcy is absolutely not the end of the world. Financial upset does not mean you are a bad person or an outlaw. In most cases, bankruptcy is the beginning of a better life for you and your family.  Seeing bankruptcy as an opportunity instead of a last resort is the first step to regaining your financial security.

You can file for bankruptcy while you are employed and your employer will likely never find out. One’s neighbors and loved ones don’t need to know either. Your spouse does


not even need to file with you.  Financial choices are yours and can be as personal as you’d like them to be. Take a look at the resources we provide on bankruptcy. We have forms, tools, articles, and agencies that can help.

Don’t buy into the “you don’t even have to file bankruptcy” hype that you see all over the advertising world.  There are debt consolidation companies that take huge amounts of your hard earned money that don’t eliminate your debt, but they get a BIG payday.

There is life after bankruptcy!  The negative impact of bankruptcy is incredibly exaggerated in our society today.  Your future is not bleak and your credit is not ruined. Dozens of well-off people have filed for bankruptcy: Larry King, Walt Disney, Willie Nelson, and even Donald Trump!

Money is the top cause of stress in America today. Too much stress can lead to irritability, heartburn, infertility, high blood pressure, sore muscles and can even contribute to diabetes.  At the Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC, we take a strategic approach to your case based on the unique details of your situation. We are dedicated to finding the right lawyer for you, who can provide knowledgeable and ethical support in your uniquely challenging time.

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