Ohio Bankrutpcy Attorney Protects Your Rights

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Your bankruptcy attorney protects your rights during the bankruptcy process. It is important to remember that while a few bankruptcy filings are simple affairs there are times when particularly aggressive creditors will attempt to attach intangible items that may have monetary value. An extreme example of this may be seen in the case of the notorious Casey Anthony. According to the Los Angeles Times, Anthony’s creditors are attempting to gain the rights to Anthony’s life story:

Bankruptcy trustee Stephen Meininger considers Anthony’s story an asset akin to any other and is seeking the rights in perpetuity to that story as a way of earning money, according to various reports, including the Associated Press and the Orlando Sentinel.

This story exemplifies why an attorney is critical during the bankruptcy process:

  • To protect your rights during the process.
  • To help you understand your responsibilities during the process.
  • To help you track critical dates.
  • To help resolve any conflicts that may arise in creditor’s meetings.
  • The legal system is foreign to most people. An attorney guides you through uncharted waters.

There are issues and problems that can arise during bankruptcy that you may find confusing or worrisome. Think of your attorney as your resource to insure that you are protected throughout the proceedings.

While Anthony’s case is unusual it does underscore the need for a bankruptcy attorney to protect your rights and assets that may not even exist yet, but that creditors may try to gain access to. An Ohio bankruptcy attorney will protect your rights in the creditor’s meeting and throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

If you have any questions or would like to explore what bankruptcy can mean for you, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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