How Long Does A Chapter 7 Stay On My Credit Report

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Short Answer: 10 years

Longer Answer:

While it is true that individuals that have filed a bankruptcy petition confront a difficult time for obtaining credit, at least in the first few months after bankruptcy. most of the time this time period is very short lived. One of the largest credit bureaus in the United States has released data that individuals who filed for bankruptcy are indeed penalized with some credit limitations post bankruptcy. But that 90% of those same individuals have access to credit in the 18 months after their filing. 75% are in fact given unsecured lines of credit within that same time period. A study released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shows that individuals who have previously shown the least ability and least propensity to repay their debt, are IN FACT having an easier time receiving credit post bankruptcy. The study goes on to report that a significant portion of individuals at the lower rungs of the credit score strata seem to get even more credit after filing. So, while the bankruptcy filing will “be on” your credit report for 10 years, it’s effect will most likely be felt only in the first few months after filing. In my practice I have seen an almost immediate deluge of credit card applications and automobile dealership flyers all aimed at my bankruptcy filers.

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Source: Forgive and Forget: Who Gets Credit After Bankruptcy and Why!?

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