Defending OVI and DUI in Ohio

There are many ways to defend a client against OVI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated). In other states, this is simply known as DUI. When we look at a case, there are ways to argue that the law enforcement agency’s representatives did not follow the proper procedures before arresting you for OVI.

Some possibilities are as follows and could become part of your defense:

  1. You were profiled and you shouldn’t have been pulled over because you were operating safely and there were no obvious signs that your vehicle was not roadworthy and safe.
  2. You were going through a construction traffic pattern and the cops were just looking for people to pull over.
  3. You were coerced into taking a blood alcohol test (whether it was a breathalyzer device or a blood test) because you were afraid of going to jail. Officers shouldn’t use fear or coercion to get drivers to admit that they are driving while intoxicated or to undergo alcohol testing.

At the Chris Wesner Law Office, we have encountered many other reasons why people have been unfairly targeted for OVI and subsequently arrested. This causes unnecessary stress on them and their families. It often seems that Ohio law enforcement officers have quotas, which means that they must write so many citations (including drunk driving charges) per shift. This is unfortunate and a potential way that law enforcement officers can harm society instead of helping them. We’ve even seen cases where a police officer or deputy has parked near a popular restaurant or bar and followed drivers home once they have left the establishment, which amounts to entrapment. While we support Ohio law enforcement officers who perform decent investigations, we also aggressively defend potential offenders who have been singled out and charged with OVI. We are here to help you present an effective defense on your day in court, to minimize fines and jail time, and to get your life back on track. For details, please contact us today.

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