Bankruptcy is NOT for the Defeated, but the Fighters


Bankruptcy is not a word that inspires confidence, hope, or assurance.

Unfortunately it has become somewhat of a dirty word in our culture and society. Terms like “morally bankrupt” are tossed around as pejoratives, implying that anything involving bankruptcy demonstrates a personal failing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As experienced bankruptcy lawyers serving clients throughout Ohio, we know this as well as anyone.

Bankruptcy exists in our legal system to provide individuals, families, small business, farmers, and corporations an opportunity to restructure their finances, create a plan for turning things around, and move on to a better future.

Some of the most successful individuals and businesses in our society have filed for bankruptcy in the past. Bankruptcy will not preclude you from achieving your goals and contributing to society in the future; continuing to struggle in debt with no end in sight will.

All it Takes is One

One misfortune is all it takes. One unexpected home or vehicle repair expense. One serious illness or injury. One job loss.

After finding a way to absorb the one misfortune, a person, family or business owner is left vulnerable to things that would normally be routine. Suddenly a routine expense like a vet appointment or mortgage payment results in a financial emergency. One missed credit card payment can snowball into an unmanageable amount of debt.

At this point a person has numerous options, with the following two being the most common:

  • Continue to scratch and claw just to make the minimum payments
  • Explore filing for bankruptcy in order to achieve a fresh start

Bad things can and do happen to good people. If you find yourself in dire financial straits you owe it to yourself to explore all of your options for making things better. Contact us today to find out how bankruptcy can help your finances back on solid ground.

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