Bankruptcy Attorney and Your 341 Meeting

Bankruptcy Attorney and your 341 MeetingAfter filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’ll need to meet with your creditors about a month after the filing date in what’s called a 341 meeting.  It’s important to be prepared for the 341 meeting and comply with the requests made by your bankruptcy trustee so that the bankruptcy process proceeds as it should.

  • Make sure you attend your 341 meeting; missing it could mean a dismissal of your bankruptcy case.  There are some exceptional circumstances where you are permitted to miss it; for instance if you’re seriously ill or are experiencing some other emergency, let your trustee know ASAP.  For any other reason, your trustee isn’t obligated to reschedule.  You will need to show up on time.  Double check the address and give yourself time to arrive.
  • You’ll need to arrive at the meeting with the proper identification on you.  This includes a valid photo ID and also proof of your Social Security Number.  An up-to-date state driver’s license and social security card would satisfy these requirements.
  • Your trustee could also require you to bring copies of a number of other documents related to the bankruptcy process.  These include tax returns, bank statements, and documents related to your mortgage.  Also check what you need to give to the trustee prior the 341 meeting.  For example, at least seven days prior to the meeting, the trustee would want your most recent federal tax return.
  • Prior to the meeting, you should also look over your bankruptcy documents to make sure there aren’t any errors; if there are, you’d want to submit an amendment ASAP.

Usually, as long as all the paperwork is prepared properly in advance, these meetings are a formality. But sometimes creditors or trustees do challenge parts of the bankruptcy plan.  Other times there may be problems with one or more of the documents that are a part of the bankruptcy process.  In any case, residents living in or around Troy, Ohio would benefit from the assistance of a Troy, Ohio bankruptcy attorney throughout the process, to make sure that every hurdle is cleared, all errors are avoided or corrected, and no details are overlooked.  Contact us to discuss your case and enlist our assistance.

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