Points and Your License in Ohio

people-drivingIf you live in Ohio and are concerned about driving violations and points on your license, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are ways to get points taken off of your license so they don’t raise your insurance rates and cause you other problems.

With the right help and information, you will have the opportunity to reduce the number of points on your license as much as possible, or potentially keep those points off of your license altogether.

Violations and Points in Ohio

Speeding is one of the biggest reasons for points on your license. The Ohio formula for assessing points used to be complicated, but now it is simply based on how fast you were driving. You can get up to four points for speeding, and that comes from driving 30 mph or more over the posted limit. That can mean a license suspension, as well. More than 5 mph over the limit, or more than 10 mph over the limit if the limit is 55 mph or higher, can result in two points on your license.

You can also get two points for failing to stop, an illegal turn, or running a red light, and four points for reckless driving or an underage OVI. It’s possible to get six points on your license all at once, for offenses such a fleeing and eluding, drag racing, not stopping if you cause an accident, OVI, or driving with a license that is already suspended.

How Long Points Stay on Your Ohio Driver’s License

When you receive points on your Ohio driver’s license, they stay there for a two-year period. During those two years, it’s important that you don’t accumulate 12 points. If that happens, you’ll end up with a license suspension that will last for six months.

Appealing that suspension is possible, but you have to file your appeal before the suspension date begins. If you wait too long or don’t file your appeal correctly, you will not be able to do anything about the suspension once it starts.

Remove Points From Your Ohio License

You can have points removed from your driver’s license in Ohio, but there are limits to how many points can be removed and how often you can request this. A remedial driving instruction course can get two points removed from your license, and you have the opportunity to take the course five times. However, that five-time rule is a lifetime rule, and you can only take the course once every three years or more. Because of that, it’s often better to keep points off of your driver’s license than to try to get them removed.

If you need help to remove points from your license, appeal a suspension, or try to keep points off of your license in the first place, contact the Chris Wesner Law Office, LLC today and start getting answers to your Ohio driver’s license questions.

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