The foreclosure process is often an emotional and confusing time for families. Unfortunately, for many homeowners the hardships do not end when the foreclosure is over. In the economic recession our nation has experienced over the last few years, many homeowners have mistakenly thought they could just walk away from a home and start over. […]

Realty Trac reported that during February of 2013, one Ohio household in every 485 received a foreclosure notification. If you are one of those households there is little doubt that you are frustrated and confused. Fortunately, there may be options available to you including negotiating with your lender, loan modifications or filing bankruptcy. Why people […]

Your bankruptcy attorney protects your rights during the bankruptcy process. It is important to remember that while a few bankruptcy filings are simple affairs there are times when particularly aggressive creditors will attempt to attach intangible items that may have monetary value. An extreme example of this may be seen in the case of the […]