Piqua, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Advice: Avoid Bankruptcy Mistakes During The Holidays

This is the season where everyone heads out to the stores and buy as much stuff as they can. If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy any time in the near future, you will be piling extra debt on top of the debt you already have.

How can you possibly survive the rest of the holidays without causing more damage to your hard-hit credit? You also do not want to hurt your chances of being able to file for bankruptcy.

As a Piqua, Ohio bankruptcy attorney, I want to offer you some tips that you should be aware of so you can avoid making any bankruptcy mistakes during this holiday season.

Avoid Payment Options

You may be tempted to purchase a Playstation 4, XBox One, or a nice new laptop, but you should not do it if it means adding an extra burden. If you will have to make monthly payments on those items, you should think extremely hard about it before you hand over a credit card.

Remember Your Bankruptcy

Before you go out to do anything this holiday season, you should always have a plan. Create a budget and stick to that budget. If you know that you want to file bankruptcy, you are going to need the funds to pay for the filing fees and attorney fees.

This holiday season, you may be tempted to apply for new credit cards, especially store credit cards. As tempting as they offer may be, you should not give in. This holiday season may be difficult if you are going through the process of filing for bankruptcy, but you should think about your future. If you do want to purchase gifts for Christmas, you should create a plan and stick with it.

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