Too Broke to File Bankruptcy With a Dayton, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney

debtAfter you tried everything you could to get out of debt, bankruptcy is the final option.  It’s the eraser that starts your life over from scratch, and it has its own share of financial consequences.  Filing for bankruptcy costs money – money you don’t have.  There are people here in Ohio that want to file for bankruptcy but don’t have the funding.  What can you do when you are too broke to file for bankruptcy?

A Dayton, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney can navigate the waters of bankruptcy and assist with options for clients who are too broke to file.  We offer a free consultation, and you will have an opportunity to get free legal advice about your financial situation.  There are also alternatives you haven’t thought about such as don’t respond or being judgment proof.  This is the time to be thorough and ask any questions you wish.  If you do decide to proceed, we work with you through payment plans, pro bono lawyers, public defenders and low-cost bankruptcy assistance.

You can also postpone filing and save some money beforehand.  Here are a few ways to do this.

  • Cut out unnecessary luxuries like cable, satellite, dining out, going to the movies, and shopping for clothes.
  • Stop paying bills for debt that has a good chance of being discharged (credit cards, medical bills, etc).
  • Sell items that you have a good chance of losing in the bankruptcy (cars, jewelry, etc).
  • Wait until the income tax return refund comes in to file for bankruptcy.

Clients in this situation will try to file bankruptcy themselves to save money.  This is not recommended.  The steps are lengthy and tedious.  One error and the whole bankruptcy process is delayed, dismissed or assets at risk of creditors taking it from you for compensation.  Determined clients still need a bankruptcy attorney to assist and look over paperwork before filing.

Now is not the time to brush this under the rug.  Creditors will not stop harassing you.  Don’t let financial burden stop you from filing.  Filing for bankruptcy is a big step but you have to want help.  Reach out and let us be the first step toward financial freedom.  Contact us for more information.

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