Springfield, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Protect Credit

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A Springfield, Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Protect Your Credit


For decades, bankruptcy has been available to consumers seeking debt-relief and the fresh start it represents. There have been significant changes, most recently The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, but bankruptcy is still the best option for many consumers seeking a way to reorganize their finances and move on to a brighter future.

“That sounds fine, but won’t bankruptcy damage my credit?”

It’s a great question and we’re glad you asked it. The truth about bankruptcy and credit is that if you are a candidate for bankruptcy your credit is already in dire straits. Barely making the minimum payments, making late payments or – worse – missing payments, has likely resulted in a low credit score. This has already limited your ability to obtain loans and other forms of credit at competitive rates.

Filing for bankruptcy will do short-term damage to your credit but, once your bankruptcy is final, you can immediately begin rebuilding your credit. In fact, some people have received credit card offers within a year of completing bankruptcy and have been able to take out a mortgage within a few years.

That’s Not All

Perhaps most importantly, filing for bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to creditor harassment and threats of wage garnishment. This can provide you with peace of mind in addition to an opportunity to wipe your debt away and start over financially.

Are you dreaming of a fresh start, free from debt-collector calls and letters from billing departments? Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Troy, Ohio, can show you the way.

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